Differences between ketogenic & paleo diets…

      I recognize that my ‘Eat 2 Heal’ Plan is the result of a combination of information that I have compiled from hours of research, reading and listening to websites, blogs, podcasts and diet plans from nutritional, medical and homeopathic professionals, as well as personal and natural experiences of friends & family.

   Two of these dietary plans are ‘Ketogenic’ and ‘Paleo’.

    I am currently in the position that my ‘Detox’ step 1 in the Eat 2 Heal Plan is comparable to the Keto Diet while my ‘Nourishing & Healing’ step 2 is a little closer to the Paleo Diet.

The Ketogenic Diet is a high fat-very low carb diet that causes the body to use ketones (burning fat cells) for energy instead of using glucose.

The Paleo Diet is a way of eating that (what some have determined) is the way the hunters & gatherers ate in the Paleolythic Era.  It is based on eating whole foods that pre-date the modern type of farming.

What Keto & Paleo have in common:

Included in both:   whole, unprocessed food – meat – eggs – fish – nuts & seeds – spices – healtlhy fats – oils from fruits & nuts

Omitted from both:   grains – beans & legumes – milled and refined foods – sugar – corn

Differences in Keto & Paleo:

Ketogenic – low glycemic fruit & high fat dairy (making Keto lower in carbs & higher in fat)

Paleo – allows more fruit but no dairy (which means Paleo is not necessarily low carb nor is it high fat) – However, it is my understanding that Paleo supports drinking raw dairy and/or goat’s milk that is unprocessed and contains the natural enzymes for digestion.

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