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Welcome to my website/blog where I am posting information about eating to heal the human body

 plus other tips to develop a healthy lifestyle.


*** I believe the key to healing is to enable the body to maintain energy & be disease-free through creating hormone balance.  I have become convinced that this can be accomplished by providing your body with the correct balance of eating Real Foods and eliminating Toxins.

I am all about eating good whole natural food (with maybe a few crucial herbs and supplements and essential oils) rather than eating low fat and exercising my legs off. (Literally…my knees have been destroyed by all the extensive exercise in which I have participated) After pursuing health & weight control for 50 years through this so-called exercise, I have come to the conclusion that if we eat a proper balance of good protein – low glycemic carbohydrates – and non-processed fats, we will be better off by having optimal energy, a more balanced metabolism, a stronger immune system and be less compromised with diseases.

        Of course we also need to eliminate foods that are toxic as much as possible which include all processed & refined food (sugars-fats etc) as well as avoid environmental toxins.

       A good detox now and again will greatly aid in kicking off your journey and helping to curb the cravings for unhealthy foods as well. There are many ineffective detox plans so be careful. It is also important to be aware of the withdrawal affects of detoxing which can be quite annoying to experience: headaches – sore throat – anxiety – irritability – nausea – etc.

3 Steps to Healing – – – These steps will be reinforced & validated in my “Eat 2 Heal Plan” and throughout the various posts and articles I share on this website.

Step 1: Identify and eliminate the toxins

* Processed and refined foods

  • pasteurized milk and products

  • sugars and flours

  • canned foods

  • GMOs – genetically modified organisms

  • PUFAs – polyunsaturated fatty acids

* Environmental

  • pesticides

  • contaminated foods (whole nourishing foods that contains added toxins) – stressors

    (meats w/hormones – modified whole grains – pasteurized dairy – etc.)

    * Toxins in Water

  • flouride

  • chlorine & other chemicals

  • bottled water (toxic chemicals can be leached from the plastic)

Step 2: Identify and start eating whole nourishing foods

* Balance macro nutrients

  • Protein

eggs – raw milk – chicken (pasture raised) – beef (pasture fed) – nuts

  • Fats

eggs – raw milk – lard/tallow – butter – coconut/olive oil – nuts – broth

  • Carbohydrates

Most Vegetables: leafy greens – celery – zuccini – broccoli – cucumbers – etc.

Lower glycemic Fruits: (1-2 servings per day) berries – grapefruit – pears – apples

— Higher glycemic Fruits: (eat less of) bananas – grapes – watermelon – cherries

— Higher Starch: (eat less of) potatoes – beans – legumes – corn – whole grains

* Micro nutrients

  • Minerals

    magnesium – iodine

  • Probiotics

    fermented foods – apple cider vinegar – sauerkraut – homemade yogurt

  • Fiber

    leafy greens – raw vegetables – fresh fruits – whole grains

  • Herbs

    ginger root – turmeric (both good for inflammation)

  • Supplements

       collagen – enzymes

Step 3: Identify and continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

* Good Nutrition

* Managing your stress –

* Chiropractic 

* Getting adequate quality sleep –

* Living an active lifestyle –

PS….each individual balance can & ought to be maintained by careful evaluation of what state your current health is…we all have different tendencies and levels of how to eat to compensate for those tendencies…learning how & what to eat to balance your hormone levels is crucial to gaining good health…

Happy Journey to better health!!!

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  1. Thanks for motivating me to eat healthy. I have been so busy the past month that I have just been eating whatever is around and I can feel it. I really want to eat better so thanks! Your website is amazing!

  2. Yeah, it takes alot of time to figure out what would actually be helpful in the journey to be healthier. I hope this website can help with that somewhat. Let me know if there is something that you would like me to post about.

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