Eat 2 Heal Plan

                         Welcome to my website/blog where I am posting information about eating to heal the human body plus other tips to develop a healthy lifestyle.

 Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired???

Have you ever or do you now experience:

… premature aging… hypoglycemia…insulin resistance…heart disease … …depression … weight gain / loss …  ulcers  …  poor wound healing … …chronic disease / pain … colitis … inflammation … muscle pain … …fibromyalgia… allergies…blurry vision…obesity…digestive issues …bloating   …   constipation / diarrhea  …  spastic colon  … heartburn  …   irritability         …  restless legs / arms / hands… fatigue… backaches …   headaches ..insomnia … water retention … high blood pressure …arthritis  …  asthma    … emphysema … cancer … auto immune disease  …   type 2 diabetes … etc.


  • When symptoms surface we naturally want to alleviate or eliminate them but unfortunately the medical community does little to find the cause of illness and spends billions of dollars trying to find “the magic pills” to mask the symptoms that most of us experience on a daily basis
  • Fortunately, the body seeks to heal itself if we give it the correct nourishment, rest, and activity that it desperately needs .  There is much we can do to help our bodies in this endeavor.

 Why don’t unbalanced & fad diets sustain healthy bodies???

Most popular diets can and do:
1- Promote weight loss initially

2- Create energy initially

3- Disrupt balance of hormones

4- Plateau eventually (as body adjusts)

5- Lose energy ultimately

6- Cause weight regain (plus more)

7- Create body breakdown that leads to disease

Developing a lifestyle with nourishing foods while eliminating toxins can and will:

1- Help balance hormones

2- Aid body to heal and prevent disease

3- Provide energy

4- Help balance weight

5- Helps digestion to function normally

6- Raise quality of life

*The key to healing and maintaining good health is providing your body with the correct balance of:

Real Foods that are comprised of the 3 macro-nutrients:    

Proteins, Fats, & Carbohydrates that contain the nutrients and enzymes that will promote healing and will satiate your appetite…

and in eliminating:

Toxic Foods that are toxic through processing, preservation additives, & modification and cause hormone imbalances & chronic disease(s). These are foods (?) that the body does not recognize and cannot digest & metabolize properly.)

  I am all about eating good whole natural food (with maybe a few crucial herbs and supplements and essential oils) rather than eating low fat and exercising my legs off. (Literally…my knees have been destroyed by all the extensive exercise in which I have participated) After pursuing health & weight control for 50 years through this so-called exercise, I have come to the conclusion that if we eat a proper balance of good protein – low glycemic carbohydrates – and non-processed fats, we will be better off by having optimal energy, a more balanced metabolism, a stronger immune system and be less compromised with diseases.

        Of course we also need to eliminate foods that are toxic as much as possible which include all processed & refined food (sugars-fats etc) as well as avoid environmental toxins.

       A good detox now and again will greatly aid in kicking off your journey and helping to curb the cravings for unhealthy foods as well. There are many ineffective detox plans so be careful. It is also important to be aware of the withdrawal affects of detoxing which can be quite annoying to experience: headaches – sore throat – anxiety – irritability – nausea – etc.

My main impetus for seeking a better path to healing is to determine:

“What does GOD intend?”

I believe God is the ultimate scientist and knows what makes our bodies perform optimally since he created them.   My goal is to gain a perspective that is truth-based on sound scientific principles and common sense.

* * Scroll to the bottom to view “The Seven Stages of Disease” by John Tilden MD which explains why we “get” diseases.  I found this to be extremely helpful in determining when and why and even how we can intervene on our healing journey.

“The Unity of Diseases”  by Herbert Shelton  Summary:  The nutrient dense and living juices you provide your body are the right tools for the jobs that your body, in its infinite wisdom, needs to combat disease and live your most healthy and full life.


This program is a strategy and call to action to heal and maintain good health throughout your life.

*** I believe the key to healing is to enable the body to maintain energy & be disease-free through creating hormone balance.  I have become convinced that this can be accomplished by providing your body with the correct balance of:

Real Foods that are comprised of the 3 macro-nutrients: Proteins, Fats, & Carbohydrates (& micro-nutrients) that contain the nutrients and enzymes that will promote healing and will satiate your appetite…

and in eliminating:

Toxic Foods that are toxic through processing, preservation additives, & modification and can cause hormone imbalances & chronic disease(s). These are foods (?) that the body does not recognize and cannot digest & metabolize properly.)

— The ingestion of Toxic Food causes inflammation and weakens cellular walls…which is why poor nutrition leads to loss of energy and, ultimately, disease in the body…

List of REAL FOOD:  Macro/Micro-Nutrients

(This is not a complete listing of real food so please use common sense and wisdom to add to your list of foods to eat.)

  • PROTEINS:  Eggs…Raw Milk…Chicken…Beef. (pasture fed / hormone-free if possible) ..Nuts…Fish
  • FATS:  Avocados…Eggs…Butter…Lard/Tallow…Coconut Oil…Olive Oil…Broth  (preferably homemade)
  • CARBOHYDRATES  (Lower Glycemic):   Leafy Greens…Celery…Zucchini…Broccoli…Cucumbers…most vegetables (thin-skinned vegetables should be preservative-free/organic if possible)
  • CARBOHYDRATES (Higher starch & glycemic):   Potatoes (all)…Fruit (fresh or frozen)(thin-skinned should be preservative-free/organic if possible)…Whole Grain Products… Brown (whole grain) Rice…Corn (non-GMO) …Beans or Legumes


List of TOXIC FOODS:  (These foods are addictive and cause hormone imbalances)

(This is not a complete listing of toxic foods so use your God-given abilities to help determine your weaknesses.)

  • Processed food – canned foods / chips / crackers / canola oil / vegetable oils / shortening
  • High fructose corn syrup – soda / juice / desserts / candies
  • Refined/Pasteurized foods – milk / juice / breads / sugars
  • Low fat/fat-free foods – milk / margarine / meats – (foods with their natural fat removed)
  • The Big 5:  fruit juices / soda – artificial sweetners – bread / pasta – margarine – soy products
  • ALL drugs & medications (including prescriptions)

The 3-Step Plan 

I like to call my program the “common sense plan”….                                                            These steps can and should be done simultaneously and continuously…

1- take out the bad

2- put in the good

3- maintain the process…

“Eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary may speak” – Mantra #3

Intermittent Fasting

I have come to recognize the importance of intermittent fasting (waiting  a longer period between eating the last meal of the day and the first meal in the morning)  This not only helps us to control the amount of food we intake but also allows the digestive system to ‘rest’ instead of ‘stress’ in between ingesting food into our bodies.  I have found it to be advantageous to eat 2 meals (or maybe even 1 meal with a lighter meal as opposed to 2 large meals) between the hours of 10 am to 6 pm.                This may seem difficult at first but the body adjusts quickly and you will feel more than satiated and full of energy as your hormones become more balanced.  I personally like to eat a balanced good fat-good protein-low glycemic carb meal about 11 or 12 and then my larger meal about 3 or 4 in the afternoon.  If your schedule doesn’t permit then it is perfectly ok to eat a little later.

BALANCE is still the key and avoidance of toxins is still crucial.  Eating a ‘treat’ once or twice a week is acceptable after you have reached your health and/or weight goals and maintained them for at least 30 days.


(Time Frame: 2 — 4 weeks)

  • Eat a balanced combination of Protein – Fat – Carbs from the Real Food List (above) at every meal
  • Your carbs for Step 1 should be selected from the Real Food List with the exception of the bottom Carb list (higher starch & glycemic)….This means no grains, no beans, no potatoes and no fruit….
  • Avoid everything on the Toxic Food List.

— This Step is the most difficult but it is also the shortest…you can expect to be pretty miserable on Days 2-4 as toxins will be dumped in your bloodstream before being eliminated from your body…you will experience withdrawal symptoms such as: nausea, headaches, irritability, dizziness, sore throat, anxiety, fuzzy teeth, etc.

— Hang in there…you will feel so much better soon that it is totally worth it…
At the risk of promoting exercise…sweating/perspiration helps the body get rid of toxins more quickly as well as body brushing, hot & cold showers, enemas (if necessary), magnesium etc…

— If you eat plenty of protein & fat, you will feel more satisfied and detox more quickly…if you choose to eat the carbs from the higher starch & glycemic list or any toxic food, this process will take a lot longer…it is better to feel crappy for a few days than slightly less crappy for a month…

—It may take a while for your body to adjust to drawing its energy from your fats & proteins instead of from the carbs it is used to drawing from.  You will be rewarded with ample energy and build more muscle if you stay committed.

Menu Example(s):

Breakfast: 2-egg omelet (w/avocado-tomatoes-spinach) & glass of raw milk

My go-to breakfast is 2 small celery sticks & a boiled egg…

Lunch:   Lettuce wraps w/zucchini, onions & peppers…a handful of almonds adds some good fat

Dinner:   Chicken stew made with homemade broth (very gut-healing) from the chicken along with rutabagas (low starch) and carrots…  (this is so good for you as it really helps to heal the gut & provides a totally balanced meal)

Another yummy dinner is sirloin steak-w/grassfed beef, sliced cucumbers or zucchini, grape tomatoes in a romaine wrap…



(Time Frame: 2 weeks to 6 months)

  • Week 1 – Eat the same as in Step 1 except you may add 1 carb from the higher starch & glycemic carb list in 1 meal each day. (Refer back to the Real Food List)  If you eat fruit it is best to stick to lower glycemic fruits such as berries… (of course this does not mean carbs from the Toxic Food List)
  • Week 2 – You may add 1 more carb in a separate meal each day (a total of 2 higher starch & glycemic carbs in separate meals)

Be sure not to duplicate the same category of food on the same day… (for example: don’t eat 2 grains on the same day…instead you could eat 1 grain or legume & 1 fruit)

  • Week 3 – You may add 1 more carb in the 3rd meal each day (a total of 3 higher starch & glycemic carbs – 1 in each meal)
  • Avoid the temptation to ‘stuff’ yourself to satisfy the cravings…these will subside as your body adjusts & feels satiated from eating ‘real food’…feeling ‘full’ is not the same as feeling ‘bloated’
  • Follow this pattern until your symptoms are gone and/or your weight is stabilized.
  • Make sure you are keeping each meal balanced with Protein-Fat & Carbs (macro-nutrients).  Resist the temptation to eliminate a macro nutrient in one meal (like carbs) and ‘double up’ in another meal.

***You WILL probably still experience cravings from time to time in this stage but they will gradually subside if you remain commited to the process… I repeat: Hang in there… “Your level of success is based on your level of commitment” – Mantra #8

***If symptoms return  (such as weight gain, bloating, pain, or high blood sugar) then you will need to cut back on the higher starch & glycemic carbs to determine what your ‘balance’ is…


(Time Frame: the rest of your Happy Life*)

  • Keep eating what you have determined your ‘balance’ is….

– If you fall back in crisis then you may need to drop back to Step 1 or 2 and rediscover your balance.

***I read the statistic that only 3% of us are successful in achieving life-changing goals…while I hope this isn’t true, it does cause me to reflect on the fact that believing & wanting something is not the same as becoming converted.

  • At this point you may be able to ‘splurge’ once or twice a week (not consecutively) if you are able to keep your ‘balanced’ lifestyle…
  • However, the longer you maintain your ‘balanced’ lifestyle, the more entrenched your new ‘set point’ becomes so don’t be in a hurry to see how soon you can ‘stray’ without consequences…

Similar to other addictions:  When avoiding temptation (staying clean & sober), the longer the better…

Different from other addictions: We have to eat while other addicts can go ‘cold turkey’…this makes it more difficult to resist temptation.  We have to implement self-control to eat the ‘right’ (or real) foods.

  • Maintaining ‘your balance’ is easier said than done…this is something you will most likely have to contend with & continue to learn about for the rest of your life.  Even though it does get easier, I still have to fight cravings most days.  However, the results that I have experienced are worth the effort to me as I hope it will be to you….our health is one of, if not the most, contributing factors in how we relate to others, are able to serve others, and how we enjoy life.


* Micro Nutrients

are an important part of good nutrition and can be a key element in healing your metablolism and strengthening your immune system.  Determining what can be the most helpful can be challenging and tricky but it is worth the time spent continuing to learn how different nutrients can assist or even block the healing process.

Balance (again) is key….

  • Minerals

    magnesium – iodine

  • Probiotics

    fermented foods – apple cider vinegar – sauerkraut – homemade yogurt

  • Fiber

    leafy greens – raw vegetables – fresh fruits – whole grains

  • Herbs

    ginger root – turmeric (both good for inflammation)

  • Supplements (should be used with prudence and insight)

       enzymes – collagen (best if derived from real food)

Other good (actually very important) ideas: 

* Managing your stress –

* Chiropractic –

* Getting adequate quality sleep –

* Living an active lifestyle

         This program really works to lower your insulin levels and help balance other hormones, providing energy, stabilizing weight and reducing inflammation.  All this, in turn, helps to heal the gut, strengthen the immune system and reduce chronic disease as the body works to heal itself.  Nourishing the body with real food that it recognizes, getting proper sleep, and reducing stress from the environment all help in making us more healthy so we can enjoy life doing the things we want to do.

This does not mean that you can never, ever eat these toxic foods again…rather we need to develop a lifestyle that will promote healing instead of aggravating our metabolic systems.  I like to follow what is known as a 85/15 split of eating clean (mostly when I am home) 85% of the time and not stressing about everything that goes into my mouth (usually when I am out for special occasions) about 15% of the time.  Of course this is after you have gone through your detox and have achieved the level of health that you can live with.

“You can have your cake and eat it too…you just have to eat less cake”

 ( sometimes a lot less…:)

PS….each individual balance can & ought to be maintained by careful evaluation of what state your current health is…we all have different tendencies and levels of how to eat to compensate for those tendencies…learning how & what to eat to balance your hormone levels is crucial to gaining good health…

Remember… “Healing is an ongoing process…”



* * The Seven Stages of Disease by John Tilden MD 

 How many times have you heard someone say that they “got” diabetes or that you heard someone “got” cancer? What notions about human health and disease lie behind those statements? For many years, modern medicine has led us to believe that the diseases and ailments of contemporary society suddenly manifest without warning, and without apparent or understood cause. The term often used is idiopathic:

Idiopathic is a medical adjective that indicates that a recognized cause has not yet been established.

Yet everything has an underlying cause, and we can address and remove the cause if we understand the stages of disease, that there is a unity of all diseases, and how to fast, eat, and care for our health.


     Enervation is simply insufficient nerve energy, or vital energy, to carry out the needed and necessary daily functions of the living organism. An insufficiency of energy coming in contributes to enervation. So does excessive energy expenditure. Burning the candle at both ends leads to enervation. Excesses of all types can enervate a person. So does stress. Enervation is then a double-edged sword. Not enough energy coming in, or too much energy going out.


     Toxemia to the Orthopaths meant a foul or morbid state of the blood and tissues resulting from the accumulation of un-eliminated toxic matter. As a consequence of the rising toxemia, the vitality of the body drops as energy is drained to combat the inflow. All this sets the stage for disease. John Tilden in his book Toxemia Explained said he was convinced that toxemia is the universal cause of all disease, either from within or without (endogenous or exogenous toxins).


     As the enervated body becomes more and more polluted with the accumulating un-eliminated wastes, the interstitial space between the cells begins to resemble a toxic waste dump. In addition, water is used to dilute the effects of these wastes, causing the tissues to become water laden. Guyton ( Textbook of medical physiology) explains that the “dry cell” state is the state of healthy tissues. The “wet cell” state, or the “hydrated cell” state is the state of the tissues in disease. The body tissues are then very much like a sponge. While the dry cell state is the state of health, the tissues can absorb a great deal of water and toxins, just like a sponge, if it is forced to in order to extend life. These waste products interfere with the proper oxygenation and feeding of the cells as well as causing the accumulation of excess water in the tissues.

     Pain signals coming from the tissues have at least three causes: Lack of oxygen, lack of nutrition (cellular food), and pressure. The cells, subjected to the lack of oxygen, the lack of food, and the increased pressure from the retained water, begin to send out pain signals. The cells are hence “irritated.” Modern man’s answer is either to ignore the pain and discomfort, or to take a “pain” pill, which just adds more toxic stuff to the load, and keep on going on. This leads to the next stage of disease and body degeneration, Inflammation.


     The enervated body is now suffering the results of toxemia. The cells have initially become irritated. The next step of cellular changes and body degeneration is inflammation. The inflammation process produces the common “-itis.” With the skin it is dermatitis. In the throat it may be tonsillitis and further on esophagitis. In the stomach we find gastritis. In the small intestine ileitis. In the colon colitis. The heart may have carditis. With the liver it is hepatitis. (We how have types a, b, and c. Given enough time we will no doubt have a through z.) You can have an inflammation ( an -itis ) anywhere within the body.

It is not uncommon to have bacteria involved in the inflammation process. The bacteria have not caused the inflammation and the “-itis” any more than flies cause garbage. By allowing the accumulation of toxemia to continue, the body will continue to decline in energy and vitality. Further cellular changes will be found (pathology proves this ). Left unchecked and unheeded, the next stage of disease is ULCERATION.


The body has undergone the successive effects of enervation, rising toxemia, irritation, and inflammation. The next step in body degeneration is ulceration of the tissues.

Ulceration can occur with any body tissue, but the usual connotation of ulcers has to do with the skin or the digestive tract. One can develop ulcers on the skin, in the nose, in the mouth, in the throat, in the stomach, in the small intestine, and in the colon. These conditions are painful and serious. The sufferer usually seeks medical assistance at this point. The allopaths of today will offer lotions, potions, and medicinals to alleviate the pain and swelling but offer little else other than anti-biotics.

An ulcer can then be viewed as a consequence of body degeneration, or the action of the vital organism to prolong life and maintain its remaining health.


The enervated body is now carrying an un-eliminated toxic load creating toxemia. The cells of the tissues are experiencing irritation, inflammation and ulceration. The next step is for the cells to indurate. Induration is a thickening and hardening of the tissues in an effort to protect themselves. The continuing accumulation of un-eliminated toxic waste causing toxemia leads to the final stage of cellular degeneration… FUNGATION.

7. FUNGATION (Cancer)

The living organism, living with an ever increasing amount of toxemia, has expressed its internal discomfort with irritation, inflammation, ulceration and induration. The final stage of the expression of its discomfort is FUNGATION, more commonly known as CANCER.

When the internal conditions have deteriorated to the extent that normal aerobic, oxidative processes are no longer possible, the cells can revert to a more primordial means of surviving. The cells can carry on their life processes by anaerobic processes, the same processes that many bacteria use. When the cells have changed in form and function to this extent, this is when your oncologist will tell you that you have the big C…Cancer.

Lastly there is the concept of retracing. When a person supplies the body with superior building materials, begins to lower the level of toxemia, and increases their vitality, the body will begin to repair and rebuild. Previous complaints may surface once again as the body “retraces” and heals.

You may feel worse rather than better for a time, particularly if you detoxify too rapidly and load the blood with the stored toxins. The road back to health is not so smooth as one would hope. Herring’s law of healing states that the body will heal itself in the inverse ( or reverse ) order that it degenerated, and the healing will occur from the head down.

For those of you interested in alternative medicine and your own health and healing, I do hope you found this effort beneficial and informative. When dealing with an acute disease process, all systems of medicine and treatments work to some degree but over treatment (as in allopathy ) can kill.

The true test of any theory of disease is how well it can handle the chronic diseases like lupus, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer. Few succeed and most fail since they violate the seven stages of disease and do not understand nor recognize the underlying physiological processes.


The Unity of Disease  by Herbert Shelton

     We are confronted with a woman who has been sick for years and has “suffered many things of many physicians.” She has asthma, colitis, a gastric ulcer, neuritis, inflammation of the neck of the womb (endocervicitis), headaches, backaches, and does not sleep well. Has she many diseases or is she merely a sick woman? Are we confronted with a number of separate and distinct entities or with varied local states of one systemic impairment? Is there one cause for metritis, another for colitis, another for ulcer, another for asthma and still another for insomnia? If we are going to treat her for several diseases, where do we begin? Do we treat the neuritis first or the asthma? Do we treat the uterus first or the stomach?

     Do we treat her for a variety of different diseases, each having its own cause and requiring a different treatment; do we farm her out among a variety of specialists, or can we think of all the so-called diseases as having a common cause, as being in other words, successive and concomitant evolutions out of the same persistent and increasing toxemia?


The nutrient dense and living juices you provide your body are the right tools for the jobs that your body, in its infinite wisdom, needs to combat disease and live your most healthy and full life.