The 10 Mantras

I have adopted 10 mantras / idioms that I strive to live by not just in a nutritional sense but in other aspects of my life.  Some are somewhat original…some not so much.  I share them from time to time throughout my posts but wanted to have a list of them somewhere altogether:

Mantra #1:

“Ignorance is not bliss.”

Mantra #2:

“You can have your cake and eat it too—you just have to eat less cake!”

Mantra #3:

“Simplify—Eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”

Mantra #4:

“When you know better—you do better.”

Mantra #5:

“You are what you eat most of the time.”  ….(not… “Most of the time, you are what you eat”)

Mantra #6:

“Too much of a good thing—is not a good thing.”

Mantra #7:

“The Solution lies in the Balance.”

Balance is not equalizing good and bad— but balancing what we learn to be good.

Mantra #8:

“Your level of success is based on your level of commitment.”

Mantra #9:

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Mantra #10:

“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”

‘Let the Healing Begin…..’

 Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired???

Have you ever or do you now experience:

… premature aging… hypoglycemia…insulin resistance…heart disease … …depression … weight gain / loss …  ulcers  …  poor wound healing … …chronic disease / pain … colitis … inflammation … muscle pain … …fibromyalgia… allergies…blurry vision…obesity…digestive issues …bloating   …   constipation / diarrhea  …  spastic colon  … heartburn  …   irritability         …  restless legs / arms / hands… fatigue… backaches …   headaches ..insomnia … water retention … high blood pressure …arthritis  …  asthma    … emphysema … cancer … auto immune disease  …   type 2 diabetes … etc.


  • When symptoms surface we naturally want to alleviate or eliminate them but unfortunately the medical community does little to find the cause of illness and spends billions of dollars trying to find “the magic pills” to mask the symptoms that most of us experience on a daily basis
  • Fortunately, the body seeks to heal itself if we give it the correct nourishment, rest, and activity that it desperately needs .  There is much we can do to help our bodies in this endeavor.

 Why don’t unbalanced & fad diets sustain healthy bodies???

Most popular diets can and do:
1- Promote weight loss initially

2- Create energy initially

3- Disrupt balance of hormones

4- Plateau eventually (as body adjusts)

5- Lose energy ultimately

6- Cause weight regain (plus more)

7- Create body breakdown that leads to disease

Developing a lifestyle with nourishing foods while eliminating toxins can and will:

1- Help balance hormones

2- Aid body to heal and prevent disease

3- Provide energy

4- Help balance weight

5- Helps digestion to function normally

6- Raise quality of life

*The key to healing and maintaining good health is providing your body with the correct balance of:

Real Foods that are comprised of the 3 macro-nutrients:                                         Proteins, Fats, & Carbohydrates that contain the nutrients and enzymes that will promote healing and will satiate your appetite…

and in eliminating:

Toxic Foods that are toxic through processing, preservation additives, & modification and cause hormone imbalances & chronic disease(s). These are foods (?) that the body does not recognize and cannot digest & metabolize properly.)



“You can lead a horse to water…but you can’t make him drink.”

So this website is the water…

One of the biggest controverisies in our great country today is what effect the foods we eat have on our physical bodies–not only in the quality of our energy & our appearance but also in the prevention & reversal of diseases and their symptoms.

The medical field seems to be (mostly) concerned with addressing symptoms of disease with an eternal quest of a “magic pill” that masks these symptoms rather than determining the source of the disease intself and seeking to heal from it.

I have come to the realization that the abody is constantly trying to heal & balance itself by eliminating toxic substanes (eiher ingested or exposed environmentally) and eating nutrients to promote healing.

I am aware that we have genetic weaknesses and tendencies toward certain disease(s) but I am thoroughly convinced that we can alter our ‘family tree’.  We can aid in this altering process by seeking to balance hormones that create the environment for optimal health on a cellular level.

This is achieved by learning, adjusting & balancing our nutrition & lifestyle:

—Eat 2 Heal— 


The purpose of this website is not to convert everyone to my way of thinking as far as diet and lifestyle are concerned.

However…if you are interested in improving your health – level of pain – weight and/or energy levels and are open to adjusting your lifestyle in an effort to do so, then my goal is to offer some information and ideas (along with some scientific & clinical information) that may help you create a more enjoyable & pain-free life!!!