It really WORKS….if you have the RIGHT GOAL…

This time of year we are often inundated with making goals to improve ourselves and our lives.  I find that this is useful if we are motivated with the right goal. 

What is the GOAL???

Coming off the holiday season is always a bit discouraging for me because I l-o-o-o v-e to eat all the goodies and delectable foods that are abundantly available.  I am pretty weak when it comes to denying myself anything sweet and rich …

As a result, I usually come away with a weakened immune system with ‘whacked out’ hormones and start to feel the repercussions of indulging in the ‘party’ lifestyle.

I am constantly able to test my own belief system and I recently did this (again) when I started to feel a little punk and get a scratchy throat and congested in my nasal passages…

By Day 2 I was moving toward what felt like a pretty normal cold onslaught…(I haven’t had one for a few years so I’m just going by memory…) ….not bragging… just explaining…

I decided to engage in a 2-day fast (I do the majority of the time dry-fasting…when I do drink it is water only – sometimes with lemon) and then for the next 3 days – eat only nourishing foods (no sugar – no grains – no processed foods)  with as much balance as I could…we are blessed to have an abundance of citrus trees (grapefruit – orange – tangerine – lemon – kumquat) so Vitamin C was crucial to my healing I’m sure….

After the first day of fasting, my symptoms had already begun to subside and I experienced continued healing throughout the next 4 days… I started to ‘cheat a little’ again which slowed the healing process somewhat but I was already pretty much back to ‘normal’…

I never did develop a cough or other symptoms that my hubby had struggled with for the last 2 weeks…  He actually felt his symptoms diminish once he decided to ‘jump on my bandwagon’… just took a bit longer…

I also found that this experience (Believe it or Not…) follows many (if not all) of my mantras:

Mantra #1:  “Ignorance is not bliss.”

Mantra #2:  “You can have your cake and eat it too—you just have to eat less cake!”

Mantra #3:  “Simplify—Eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”

Mantra #4:  “When you know better—you do better.”

Mantra #5:  “You are what you eat most of the time.”                                                              (not… “Most of the time, you are what you eat”)

Mantra #6:  “Too much of a good thing—is not a good thing.”

Mantra #7:  “The Solution lies in the Balance.”                                                                       Balance is not equalizing good and bad— but balancing what we learn to be good.

Mantra #8:  “Your level of success is based on your level of commitment.”

Mantra #9:  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Mantra #10:  “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”

Happy New Year Goal Hunting!!!  

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