Let the Healing Begin…

This post and the program it includes follow all my mantras but especially the last two:

Mantra #7:  “The Solution Lies in the Balance.”                                                         (Balance is not equalizing good & bad–but balancing what we learn to be good.)          Mantra #8:  “Your level of success is based on your level of commitment.”

Here is my basic philosophy for healthy living and my program for detoxing and developing the balanced diet that is necessary to maintain an energetic & happy life.

Are you sick & tired of feeling sick and tired????

Have you ever or do you now experience:

…premature aging… hypoglycemia…insulin resistance…heart disease…depression…weight gain/loss…ulcers…poor wound healing…chrionic disease/pain…colitis…inflammation…muscle pain…fibromyalgia…allergies…blurry vision…obesity…digestive issues…bloating…constipation/diarrhea…spastic colon…heartburn…irritability…restless legs/arms/hands…fatigue…backaches…headaches…insomnia…water retention…high blood pressure…arthritis…asthma…emphysema…cancer…auto immune disease…type 2 diabetes…etc.


  • When symptoms surface we naturally want to alleviate or eliminate them but unfortunately the medical community does little to find the cause of illness and spends billions of dollars trying to find “the magic pills” to mask the symptoms that most of us experience on a daily basis
  • Fortunately, the body seeks to heal itself if we give it the correct nourishment, rest, and activity that it desperately needs .  There is much we can do to help our bodies in this endeavor.

 Why don’t unbalanced & fad diets sustain healthy bodies???

Most popular diets can and do:
1- Promote weight loss initially

2- Create energy initially

3- Disrupt balance of hormones

4- Plateau eventually (as body adjusts)

5- Lose energy ultimately

6- Cause weight regain (plus more)

7- Create body breakdown that leads to disease

Nourishing foods while eliminating toxins can and will:

1- Help balance hormones

2- Aid body to heal itself

3- Provide energy

4- Help balance weight

5- Helps digestion to function normally

6- Raise quality of life 

Eat 2 Heal Program


This program is a strategy and call to action to heal and maintain good health throughout your life.

*The key to healing is providing your body with the correct balance of:

Real Foods that are comprised of the 3 macro-nutrients: Proteins, Fats, & Carbohydrates and that contain the nutrients and enzymes that will promote healing and will satiate your appetite…

and in eliminating:

Toxic Foods that are toxic through processing, preservation additives, & modification and can cause hormone imbalances & chronic disease(s). These are foods (?) that the body does not recognize and cannot digest & metabolize properly.)

— The ingestion of Toxic Food causes inflammation and weakens cellular walls…which is why poor nutrition leads to loss of energy and, ultimately, disease in the body…

List of REAL FOOD:  Macro-Nutrients

  • PROTEINS:  Eggs…Raw Milk…Chicken…Beef. (pasture fed / hormone-free if possible) ..Nuts…Fish
  • FATS:  Avocados…Eggs…Butter…Lard/Tallow…Coconut Oil…Olive Oil…Broth  (preferably homemade)
  • CARBOHYDRATES  (Lower Glycemic):   Leafy Greens…Celery…Zucchini…Broccoli…Cucumbers…most vegetables (thin-skinned vegetables that are preservative-free if possible)
  • CARBOHYDRATES (Higher starch & glycemic):   Potatoes (all)…Fruit (fresh or frozen)…Whole Grain Products… Rice…Corn products (non-GMO) …Beans or Legumes


List of TOXIC FOODS:  (These foods are addictive and cause hormone imbalances)

  • Processed food – canned foods / chips / crackers / canola oil / vegetable oil / shortening
  • High fructose corn syrup – soda/juice/desserts/candies
  • Pasteurized or refined foods -milk/juice/breads
  • Low fat/low calorie foods -milk/margarine/ meats – anything labeled low-fat
  • The Big 5: juice-artificial sweetners-bread/pasta-margarine-soy milk

The 3-Step Program 

I call my program the ‘common sense program’ …’take out the bad….and put in the good’…….

“Eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary may speak” – Mantra #3


(Time Frame: 2 — 4 weeks)

  • Eat a balanced combination of Protein – Fat – Carbs from the Real Food List (above) at every meal
  • Your carbs for Step 1 should be selected from the Real Food List with the exception of the bottom Carb list (higher starch & glycemic)….This means no grains, no beans, no potatoes and no fruit….
  • Avoid everything on the Toxic Food List.

— This Step is the most difficult but it is also the shortest…you can expect to be pretty miserable on Days 2-4 as toxins will be dumped in your bloodstream before being eliminated from your body…you will experience withdrawal symptoms such as: nausea, headaches, irritability, dizziness, sore throat, anxiety, fuzzy teeth, etc.

— Hang in there…you will feel so much better soon that it is totally worth it…
At the risk of promoting exercise…sweating/perspiration helps the body get rid of toxins as well as body brushing, hot & cold showers, enemas (if necessary), magnesium etc…

— If you eat plenty of protein & fat, you will feel more satisfied and detox more quickly…if you choose to eat the carbs from the higher starch & glycemic list or any toxic food, this process will take a lot longer…it is better to feel crappy for a few days than slightly less crappy for a month…

—It may take a while for your body to adjust to drawing its energy from your fats & proteins instead of from the carbs it is used to drawing from.  You will be rewarded with ample energy and build more muscle if you stay committed.

Menu Example:

Breakfast: 2-egg omelet (w/avocado-tomatoes-spinach) & glass of raw milk

Lunch: lettuce wraps w/ground beef-peppers

Dinner: chicken stew w/turnips-carrots (made with homemade broth from your pasture fed chicken )

*This is so good for you as it really helps to heal the gut & provides a totally balanced meal.


(Time Frame: 2 weeks to 6 months)

  • Week 1 – Eat the same as in Step 1 except you may replace 1 carb from the higher starch & glycemic carb list in 1 meal each day. (Refer back to the Real Food List)  If you eat fruit it is best to stick to lower glycemic fruits such as berries…
  • Week 2 – You may replace 1 more carb in a separate meal each day (a total of 2 higher starch & glycemic carbs in separate meals)

Be sure not to duplicate the same category of food on the same day… (for example: don’t eat 2 grains on the same day…instead you could eat 1 grain & 1 fruit)

  • Week 3 – You may replace 1 more carb in the 3rd meal each day (a total of 3 higher starch & glycemic carbs – 1 in each meal)
  • Follow this pattern until your symptoms are gone and/or your weight is stabilized.
  • Make sure you are keeping each meal balanced with Protein-Fat & Carbs (macro-nutrients).  Resist the temptation to eliminate a macro nutrient in one meal (like carbs) and ‘double up’ in another meal.

(if symptoms return  (such as weight gain, bloating, pain, or high blood sugar) then you will need to cut back on the higher starch & glycemic carbs


(Time Frame: the rest of your Happy Life*)

  • Keep eating what you have determined your balance is….

– If you fall back in crisis then you will need to drop back to Step 1 or 2 and rediscover your balance.

         This program really works to lower your insulin levels and help balance other hormones, providing energy, stabilizing weight and reducing inflammation.  All this, in turn, helps to heal the gut, strengthen the immune system and reduce chronic disease as the body works to heal itself.  Nourishing the body with real food that it recognizes, getting proper sleep, and reducing stress from the environment all help in making us more healthy so we can enjoy life doing the things we want to do.

This does not mean that you can never, ever eat these toxic foods again…rather we need to develop a lifestyle that will promote healing instead of aggravating our metabolic systems.  I like to follow what is known as a 85/15 split of eating clean (mostly when I am home) 85% of the time and not stressing about everything that goes into my mouth (usually when I am out for special occasions) about 15% of the time.  Of course this is after you have gone through your detox and have achieved the level of health that you can live with.

“You can have your cake and eat it too…you just have to eat less cake”

 ( sometimes a lot less…;)

Remember… “Healing is an ongoing process…

                                           Do the Best You Can”

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  1. This info is so awesome. You did a great job and I’m so proud of you for all your hard work. I’m glad to be your husband. Thanks honey! By the way, I feel the best I have in years by following your suggestions.

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