…more Truths about Type 2 Diabetes…

Diabetes – PreDiabetes –  Type 2 Diabetes (insulin resistance) –

Type 3 Diabetes (alzheimer’s disease / dementia)

Diabetes used to be a word that referred to those inflicted with Type 1 Diabetes with the estimated percentage of less than 1/2% of the US population.  Type 1 Diabetes was predominantly considered to be hereditary and completely incurable, however manageable with insulin…

These days Diabetes has taken on a whole new perspective…

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released the 2017 Diabetes Statistics Report

Where are we now?

  • 1.5 million people have type 1 diabetes  which is less than 0.5% of the US population (still at 5% among those with diabetes)
  • 30.3 million people have diabetes which is 9.4% of the US population which also means that our insulin levels are too high and causing metabolic damage.
  • 84.1 million adults have prediabetes which is 33.9% of the adult U.S. population  (23.1 million of these are aged 65 years or older – the age group with highest rate) . This basically means that over 1/3 (and growing) of us are on the road to a diabetic situation even if our sugar levels are at a manageable level.  Because of this, our insulin levels are very high which are already causing damage and disease to our bodies.

Generally, we believe that if our sugar levels are low and/or manageable that we are not in danger….

This is NOT true!!!

It is vital that we determine our insulin levels and take action to balance them.

Following are my:

Personal Notes taken from the Type 2 Diabetes iThrive Series Seminar…

  • Type 2 Diabetes & PreDiabetes is Pandemic!
  • 90% of Diabetes is Type 2…
  • 80% of US population are overweight…
  • 20% are not overweight…

Reversing Type2 Diabetes vs Managing it:

Why should we heal???

Symptoms                                      Results

  • poor circulation…………………..neuropathy – amputation
  • tingling in hands/feet…………..restless leg syndrome – nerve pain
  • glaucoma…………………………..retinol detachment – blindness
  • joint / muscle pain………………addiction to pain relievers – disabled
  • obesity………………………………heart disease / strokes
  • digestive urinary issues……….kidney disease / cancers
  • sexual dysfunction……………..prostate issues / atherosclerosis

Life expectancy is 12 years less with diabletes vs without

This generation is the first generation that has a lower life expectancy than their parents!

The cause of Type 2 Diabetes is 100% Lifestyle….

……….the sugar addiction is overwhelming!

        SAD               SAL

Standard American Diet – Standard American Life

How to prevent:

It is easier to intervene sooner (40s) rather than later (50…on up)

Change Your Lifestyle!  

Medical Perspective:

  • Nutrition has minumal effect
  • Diabetes is not curable – only manageable
  • You need to take meds the rest of your life
  • Eat, Drink & Be Merry…& tomorrow the doctor will take care of you
  • You need to balance hormones chemically (with drugs)

Nutritional (common sense) Perspective:

  1. Be aware of symptom markers as they surface
  • hypertension
  • weight gain
  • chronic inflammation
  • high blood sugars

2.  Be a truth seeker

  • More insulin makes insulin resistance worse
  • Reversal is possible as quickly as 30 days
  • Nutrition is more important than genetics
  • Cancer takes 10-15 years to develop – heads up!

Conventional treatment doesn’t address the cause:

  1. Only seeks to lower blood sugar…
  2. Prescribes drugs (metformin)
  3. Exercise more
  4. Low calorie diet
  5. Diabetes for life…

The real root of the problem is:

Insulin Resistance = Metabolic Dysfunction

The body is designed to heal itself…once the body is functioning metabolically it will produce new healthy cells to replace the ‘carmelized’ cells cause by too much insulin.

Toxic foods that ‘carmelize cells’:

  • Processed Food
  • Processed Oils
  • High Glycemic Foods

These toxins signal the pancreas to produce insulin & to produce insulin even if cells can’t absorb it.

Negative effects of too much insulin includes inflammation that leads to disease(s)…

Treating the Cause

Determine the cause…..Remove it………and You Will Heal

Disease is not a genetic issue…it is a metabolic issue.

If you fix the cell….you will get well!

Let me refer you to my

 “Eat 2 Heal Plan”

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