The 7 Stages of Sugar Withdrawal (and why it’s all worth it)

This is a must see sugar, sugar, sugar withdrawal journey so be sure and click on the ‘read more’ link at the bottom…It has some hilarious video clips but the message it brings is very close to home if you have ever experienced the withdrawal symptoms.  To quit sugar cold turkey is the toughest week you can imagine but it is so much better than letting it drag on for weeks.

To quote ‘Let the Healing Begin’:  “ is better to feel really crappy for 4-7 days than to feel slightly less crappy for a month or longer…”

When we are considering experiencing a sugar detox, it is vital to determine what symptoms might occur before we begin…lack of preparation might greatly affect our pschological state of mind and increase our liklihood of falling short of our goal(s).  Here are some symptoms to consider:

Sugar withdrawal symptoms vary and sugar withdrawal duration usually lasts between two and four weeks for most people. Tiredness, depression, flu symptoms, and irritability are common problems when you first give up eating sugar.

If you know what to expect then your chances of success are greater…

With an addictiveness similar to cocaine, quitting sugar can come with a host of not-so-fun withdrawal symptoms.

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